Process consultation and facilitation

I provide process consultation and facilitation for groups ranging from a few people to several hundred. I help you clarify the purpose and what you want to accomplish, I design the process together with you and I facilitate the experience. My main areas of expertise are culture creation, social norms and innovation. 

What is Process design?
Creating, planning and preparing group experiences that are goal-oriented and collaborative. 

What is Facilitation? 
The practice of leading groups through processes towards common goals in ways that encourage participation, ownership and creativity (David Sibbet).

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Some words from my clients

February 2021
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us and creating a safe space to discuss. It was very eye-opening and I'm excited to continue the conversations you sparked amongst our team today.
May 2021
 This workshop was wonderful! The prompts sparked a very insightful conversation, and I learned a lot about my coworkers. I loved that we discussed actionable takeaways to put our learnings into use!
November 2021

Berörde mig personligen, väldigt bra ton. Både pedagogisk, mjuk men tydlig.


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